Your identity defines your habits

Note to future self.

True change is only possible if you change your perception of who you’re. If your actions don’t correspond to who you think you’re, the cognitive dissonance will make it impossible for you to follow through with your actions.

If you don’t perceive yourself as a disciplined individual it will be really hard to not eat that brownie that our friend offers you or not skip your workout when it’s snowing outside. Identity drives behavior.

If there’s something that you don’t like about yourself, then ask yourself:

What person do I want to be? → What do you want to stand for?

Then prove it to yourself with small wins. Take small actions that give you evidence that you’re who you say you’re. Your goal should be to become someone not to do something.

This is hard because it’s not intuitive in the moment. Be relentless and bring back your focus to this question:

Am I becoming the type of person that I want to become?