You had 1 job… (3 actually)

Note to my future self..

It’s common knowledge that being the CEO of any company is tough job. It’s seeing as a juggling act where you’re figuratively and literally trying to juggle the expectations of all of your stakeholders (users, employees, investors, regulators, etc.). I think that keeping a tab of everything that you have to do as a CEO is hard so I am borrowing from the tweets of Justin Kan and say that to be a good CEO you only need to do 3 things:

  1. Make sure there’s money in the bank
  2. Align mission to metrics
  3. Hire the best people you can

Everything else can and will probably have to be delegated to someone else. This 3 areas represent the bulk of your time as a CEO and everything else you do probably ties back to one of these three (e.g. talking to users).

I think that this 3-point list is a simple yet comprehensive of what you have to do to make things happen. It’s obviously not perfect and things will vary depending on the type and stage of your company but for now it works(:

Now back to work.