Work on A Problems not B Problems.

This week I watched an interview with Keith Rabois and at one point he mentioned the importance of working on A+ problems rather than just B problems. He argues that it’s easy to work on issues that are not that important because we know how to solve them and procrastinate on solving the hard (A+) problems because they are well … hard. I feel that there is so much truth to this idea.

I’ve written about this idea before but this way of thinking about problems in terms of categories is definitely helpful. I believe that we can go further with this idea and argue that the best way to solve A+ problems is to make them look like B problems. My point is that we can break down our A+ problems into small steps that make the task more manageable. This might seem obvious but if we pair both steps (classifying your A+/B problems and then breaking down your A+ problems), it can be a powerful tool for helping us stay focused working on the things that matter the most.

This is just a thought experiment for now but I might come back to this idea in the future and think about a way to productize it.