Willingness to look like an idiot

Note to future self…

I believe that people that do great things need to be willing to look like idiots at some point in their life. I am sure that to many people they will look like idiots their entire lives (even after they win).

I feel that it’s ok to look like an idiot to others as long as you understand why you aren’t really an idiot. This might seem obvious but I’ve realized that it’s easier to said than done. Our society tends to mold us to conform. High performing individuals specifically tend to be really good at reading social queues and managing expectations so they’re even less likely to make themselves look like idiots.

So why? Why should you be willing to look like an idiot?

  1. It allows you to open yourself up to opportunities that you would otherwise miss
  2. It helps you realize that everything you know in this world is made by people no smarter than you(:
  3. It allows you to pursue opportunities that others might not pursue (potentially with high upside)

These are just three different ways of saying the same thing. The willingness to look like an idiot might be just be a temporary delay between what’s right and what’s obvious to most people.

Finally I think that to a certain degree your ability to look like an idiot reflects how free you’re as a person. For if you can’t be weird how do you know you’re free?(:

Ok that’s it.

Now back to work…