Why I do what I do

A note to my future self.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about why I am so passionate about building products and working in the tech ecosystem. I think that a lot of it is due to the fact that a lot of the values that are embedded in the ecosystem align with my personal views, I am genuinely interesting in solving hard problems through technology and I like the people. However, the reason why I am starting my career in this environment is because I believe that this is where I can fulfill my true potential and become the very best in the world at something. That might sound cocky but it’s true. I am unapologetic about the fact that I want to become the very best at something. Every day I am getting closer to it and only probably only in hindsight it will become evident my area of mastery.

That’s the reason why I started this blog and why I named it DrivePush. The purpose is to push the boundaries of what’s possible by exploring the ideas that drive me. I didn’t start this blog to get attention, be a guru of something or make money. I started this blog for myself so that I could have a space to expose my ideas to see if they could stand the light of day. This blog is very selfish indulgent and to me that’s ok because it helps me become the best version of myself and eventually the very best in the world at something.

But Why?

Why do you want to become the very best at something specially if you don’t even know what it is? I think that the purpose of becoming the very best at something in the world is to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible AND make sure that other people can benefit from that. The whole point of this lifelong journey is to go to the edge of human knowledge and find a way to add massive value to the life of a lot of people in a way that was previously not possible. Although I still have a lot of things to experience in life, I can’t imagine a better way of spending this one life that we’ve got.

I am an amateur

Although I am far from being the very best at something in this world, every day I try to become better at the things that matter to me. Essentially I am a novice at most things in life and an amateur at this one thing which right now happens to be building products. I will probably be an amateur for most of my life because true mastery of a subject is extremely difficult to achieve and I am totally ok with that. The process in and of itself so far has been equally or more rewarding than the final goal. The process if life so it makes sense to try to make the most out of it(: