Why do I write every day? 3/3

A couple of weeks ago I wrote two short posts about why I write every day. Initially I said that I write to:

  1. Help me consolidate what I learn and start making connections
  2. Writing has a compounding effect on my personal growth

Today I want to add a third reason to that list and it’s that I write every day to record my progress. The purpose of this is for me to be able to look back 5, 10, 30, 50 years from now and see what the fuck was I thinking when I made this or that decision 🙂.

Along the same lines hopefully some other people can benefit from the things I write so by writing them down I can build something of value. As is the case with other friends of mine who also write every day I don’t intend my writings to be dogmatic because they’re really intended to be for myself. Hence why I title most of them “A note to my future self..”. In a future post I hope to write more about what I am planning to do with all of these notes(: