Why do I write every day? 1/3

I write these very short essays for a couple of reasons and today I want to talk about one of those. One of the main reasons why I write is to help me consolidate my thoughts and not get distracted by ideas that I have already explored.

What I am actually trying to do is plant a flag in my brain and say hey listen I’ve already thought about this interesting idea before and here’s what I thought it 3 months ago. In a way I think about these short essays as web of mental bookmarks that I keep and I try to revisit whenever I can.

I’ve read some very recent research that suggests that drawing might help improve memory retention better than drawing so I might start doing that. Nevertheless, I am not really concerned with memory retention that much. Again my main objective is consolidate the knowledge I’ve gathered and use those data points to start making connections that help me live a better life.