Why did I stop writing in public

Note to future self…

Last year I started this experiment with open sourcing my thoughts and publicly sharing them on my website. I’ve decided to end that experiment and bring everything back in-house. Here are some thoughts on that:

Observation: I stopped sharing in public because it was affecting my writing

Writing in public had a couple of cons:

  1. I was self-censoring
  2. It was more time consuming to proofread everything
  3. I would miss writing some days and that created a weird pressure for me


The purpose of writing these short reflections is to help me think more clearly. I believe that writing in public was limiting how honest I could be. I was double-checking myself rather than being more sincere. This honestly has its pros and cons but ultimately the cons outweighed the pros and that’s why I’ve decided to make all of these posts private again.

By having everything in Notion I hope that I can move more quickly and resurface relevant content a lot more frequently rather than just writing and forgetting.

Now back to work…