What if you could get better at something every single day?

Hello! 👋 This is a different type of essay. Its purpose is to outline an idea that I thought could be interesting to develop.

The Problem

Journaling is broken. There is not journaling tool that is flexible, digital and that augments the writer at the same time. The best current tools are paper journals. These are great but they don’t work for every body. Furthermore, they don’t work for the same person because what people want to journal changes from day to day. Journaling feels more like a chore than a pleasure. That sucks! Did I mention that these are paper solutions!! Paper!!! There is no back up, you have to bring these journals with you and if you loose them ciao! Also, it’s hard to retrieve what you’ve already worked on. Digital solutions are just not very good. Day One is the biggest competitor in the space and they suck.

The Pain

People that want to journal have to maintain a strong discipline when it comes to journaling. People tend to fall of the track because they feel a lot of pressure or they just simply don’t derive any pleasure from journaling. Furthermore, there is a large part of the population that has not consider journaling but might if the right tools existed (this is indeed an assumption).

The Solution

A single-page web app (eventually with iOS/Android apps) that will allow people to journal but will be flexible enough so that people have enough motivation/space to write whatever they feel like writing. The product will allow people to track goals and improve their behavior over time (if so they choose). It’s a hard but very interesting problem.

The Mission

The mission is to provide anyone in the world free access (on a freemium model) to a great tool for writing their personal thoughts.

The Vision

In the future, people of all ages will write on their phones how they feel, ideas, their goals and dreams. They will be able share with their friends their thoughts (in a collaborative way) and they will be able focus on the things that matter to them.


  1. Can this be 10x better than the notes app?
  2. Will enough people pay for this?