Unanswered Questions

Note to future self…

I am always looking for ways to improve my thinking and today I want to share a quick experiment that I’ve started. Essentially it’s a list of questions that are top of my mind but I still haven’t intentionally thought about them or haven’t figured out an answer to them.

I believe that asking good questions is the best way to push your thinking forward. Good questions is how we acquire new knowledge.

Now the problem is that up until now I would have had questions in my mind that would pop up randomly and I might think a little about them while I am on the shower but I wouldn’t necessarily follow up immediately. Later on (maybe days, weeks or months) I would figure out the answer to that questions and then make the connection to the previous moments where I thought about having this question.

The Purpose

I hope that this experiment is a way for me to tighten the feedback loop in my mind around questions. By offloading the questions that I am holding in my brain and writing them down somewhere I think that I will give my brain more headspace to think about this questions, refer back to them and hold more context around this questions.

I will keep you posted on how this goes.

Now back to work…