Towards a Common Goal: Conversion of daily activities

Note to future self…

The Context

Other than basic human activities (e.g. sleeping, showering, eating, etc.), I really spend most of my time doing one of 5 activities → reading, writing, building, exercising and meditating.

That’s it. I dedicate a lot of mental energy to getting better at these things, which means I have little resources left for other stuff (e.g. other hobbies) and that’s ok. This is a very intentional decision.

The Observation

Lately, I’ve realized that my activities are starting to converge towards one activity (building). In other words, I’ve realized that I optimize what I do in certain activities (e.g. reading, writing, and meditating) in order to get better in one specific activity (e.g. building).

For example, when choosing what books to read I prioritize those that I think will help me build a better business. My writing is an extension of this process.

The Takeaway

I think there’s nothing really surprising in what I am saying other than perhaps the meta-realization that my life is a series of small lego blocks (i.e. reading, writing, etc. ) that support a larger lego block (i.e. building).

If true, what could I do with this information? Perhaps, isolating these blocks can help me work on each one independently (i.e. focus). Perhaps, I can find ways to create synergies between my mini-blocks so that my whole set of blocks become greater than the sum of their parts! Perhaps i could come up with a better metaphor for my life!

Now back to work…