Tinkering as a kid

Note to future self…

The Context

I’ve always found it fascinating how a lot of tech founders have these stories of learning how to program when they were super young. I don’t have a story like that. However, what I do have is the memory of asking my dad every other weekend to take me to the supermarket to buy the latest copy of the Engadget magazine and MacLife. These magazines were quite expensive and usually a month behind schedule because they were imported to the Dominican Republic from the United States. However, I didn’t really care. I was fascinated by all the gadgets, specs and latest updates. I remember knowing the Inte’s chip roadmap and the release of the first iPad.

Another cool memory that I have as a kid is me trying to “jailbreak” my ipod touch. I remember super vividly how took my phone to the mall to get it jailbroken for about ~$12 (in today’s dollars). The guy couldn’t jailbreak the ipod touch because it was on the 2.2.X firmware, as opposed to 2.1. I remember taking my phone and at my dad’s office figuring out how to jailbreak it by downloading an .IPA file from some sketchy swedish site (if I recall correctly I had to translate the site using Google’s in-browser translation). I was able to jailbreak the phone and install super cool custom lock screen loader, a nintendo emulator and a lot of other really cool stuff. It felt so cool to show my friends what I was able to do.

The Observation

Although I really really enjoyed my “Computer Informatics” class I never attempted to learn to program beyond what was taught to me. However, outside of class, I did enjoy tinkering and learning about stuff.

The Takeaway

I have these memories in my head so why write them down? Well my hope is that by writing them down I can remind myself about the joy of tinkering and discovering new things. I want to cultivate that and keep it going. Whether it’s through weekend projects or some other medium. Let’s keep tinkering…

Now back to work…