Thinking for Myself

I’ve lately been thinking a lot about thinking specifically about how can I think more for myself. I’ve realized that a lot of my recent important decisions (and even trivial ones) have been disproportionately influenced by other people. Decisions like what career path I should follow, when is the right time to start a company, where should I move, how should I spend my time, etc. I’ve realized that if I keep leaving my life based on someone else’s terms I will never to reach my full potential and be truly happy.

This might sound like a sad essay but it’s not intended to be one. I think that most of us are nudged towards different paths and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, I want to be able to decide for myself. I want to make decisions because I evaluated my options and not because something worked for someone else or worse – because it’s the “way things happen.”

This essay might strike some people as arrogant. I might come across as someone that wants to be a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian. That’s not the point. I just want to examine life for what it is and for what it could be. I want to have agency over my future and not feel that I am going through life walking while I am asleep.

The Solution

So how are you going to fix it you might wonder? Well there are a couple of things that I am thinking about implementing. The first one that I will start to implement is to dedicate some time to just reflect on my decisions and my own “thought experiments.” Why am I thinking what I am thinking? Am I just regurgitating something that I read on someone’s medium post or a ted talk? There’s obviously nothing wrong with being influenced by other people (after all that’s how we learn!!!). However, to me what matters is being aware of what’s going on. That’s it.