There is always a move

This week I was reading “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz, and among the many takeaways I got from that book is that no matter how hard things get in life there’s always a move that you can make. It might not be a great move, and it certainly won’t be the ideal move, but there will still be a move that will allow you to keep moving forward.

I feel that this attitude towards self-efficacy is not only useful but necessary for anyone trying to do something new and hard. I’ve written about how life should be hard but not complicated, and I feel that this relates to that. If we evaluate our life as a set of “moves” that we can make we should realize that we always have a move that we can make.

This idea of always having a “move” also relates to this other idea that “it’s not over until you say it’s over.” I feel that sometimes when there are no clear moves to make we have to create our own. Again this belief in yourself that you can achieve something by not giving up is fundamental to produce meaningful results in anything that you do that is hard.