The Value of Meaningful Conversations

Earlier this week I had a phenomenal lunch with someone and I felt that in one hour I learned more about myself than I had in the previous month. I’ve written at least 3 other essays on this one meeting. It felt great and it was exciting! Now how can I possibly replicate this? And more importantly how can I better allocate my time so that I have more experiences like this?

I feel that having rewarding conversations like this that make you feel engaged and excited is one of most exciting things about life and one of the best part of this human experience that we share. I am not exaggerating here. In my opinion connecting with other human beings in meaningful ways is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

Now, I know that I derive this sort of increased utility from having meaningful conversations with people so how can I get more of it? Should I even intentionally try to do so or is there an element of serendipity to all of this that I will jinx if I try to have more of it. This might sound silly but these moments feel almost magical and sometimes you think that they could only occur by chance.

I really don’t have an answer to any of the questions but I have a couple of thoughts on how I could maximize my chances for having more meaningful moments like this. If you think about it there are essentially only two requirements to having meaningful conversations like the one I had earlier this week. First, you need people. Second, you need occasions. Pretty straightforward. Thus, in theory the best way to have meaningful conversations is to first understand the type of people that you will learn the most from and second find the spaces to meet those people. Note that the type of people that can learn the most from might include successful people in your field but also people that have important life lessons that you can learn from.

I will try to implement this short formula (person + occasion = meaningful conversation) in my own life. I will try to go to more events/places where I can have this conversations and be open to talking to more people (including those that I might otherwise not talk to). Let’s see how this little experiment goes.