The Serendipity of Big Breaks

This week I’ve been listening to several podcasts and in one episode of A16Z’s podcast I remember someone talking about this idea that there’s a certain serendipity to big breaks. You never know really when is it going to happen, you don’t how is it going to happen or when but you always have to be ready for it. Putting in the work every day towards what whatever it is that you want to accomplish does not guarantee that you will be successful but not doing the work will guarantee your failure if you do start becoming successful.

I’ve written about the need for having the right “infrastructure” in place in your life so that when you get a big break you can capture most of the upside and sustain your progress. This post builds upon that one my acknowledging that having the right “infrastructure” in place is the thing that we can control and therefore what we should focus on. Big breaks will come but because they’re too a large extent out of our control we should focus on building ourselves up so that we’re ready for whenever the moment comes.

To play a little bit of devil’s advocate here I will say that maybe there is no single big break moment. Maybe it’s that discipline of working day in and day out that over time creates the “big break”. In other words, you couldn’t have a big break if you didn’t take all the baby steps because the latter causes the former(: