The Right Book at The Right Time

Note to my future self…

I am convinced that there’s a right time and a right place a book to meat its reader. Looking back through my Goodreads account I realized how weird some of my book choices seem right now. However, I am well aware of why I read them and why I read them at that specific point in time.

To me it’s fascinating how getting the right book at the right time be an inflection point in the way you think and act. Maybe this is something that we rationalize post facto because there are many books that could have a tremendous impact in our lives at any given time so it’s relatively normal to come across on of these books.

Nevertheless, I take as an opportunity to reflect how our books choices can tell us a lot about our thoughts and desires at any given point in time. That’s why I think asking someone “what’s your favorite book?” is an incomplete question. A better one might be:

What’s one book that you’ve read recently that changed the way you think about something?

Or an even better one could be:

What’s one book that you want to read and why?

I think that’s my key takeaway from this post. We should talk more about how the books that we read reflect who we’re and how we’ve changed(:

Now back to work…