The Price of Lacking Focus

Note to future self..

Today I had two consecutive moments where I experienced the hard cost of lacking focus. One was from a personal experience and the second one was from a 3rd party. In my case this lack of focus came after shifting my focus to a new shiny opportunity that seemed more exciting than what I was currently working on. The result after I realized that I had lost focus was devastating from a resource and a psychological perspective.

In terms of resources I had spent two weeks worth of time and personal expenses working on a project that won’t go anywhere simply because I thought it would be a better opportunity long-term. Although this seems like a reasonable trade-off, I know that I should’ve kept working on my initial project and see it through before switching to a new thing.

Even tough I lost two weeks worth of work because I lost my focus, I think that the psychological impact is even worse. Losing focus makes you feel out of place and in my case I feel that it breaks any momentum that I might have built. This is particularly bad if it takes me a long time to get back to speed.

Therefore, moving forward I should constantly check that I am focusing on one thing at a time and realize whenever I am about to chase a new shiny opportunity. Seems obvious but it’s hard to do.

Know back to work.