The Perils of Commercializing Your Passion

Note to future self…

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about hobbies and whether you should aim to make your main hobby your “full-time” work. Right now I am really into learning more about pop art for example. I can easily see myself spending dozens of hours per week on this.

Why does this matter?

I feel that a lot of times we can be pressured to “follow our passions” and only do work that makes us “100%” fulfilled. I think this is a great north star. Nevertheless, I’ve found that certain hobbies are just meant to be that – hobbies.

This has led me to ask myself: “Why don’t you pursue this full-time then?”. I think the thinking behind this is that if you could work on your hobby full-time that you will be happier or at least more satisfied.

I think this is not true. I think that part of the reason why I like learning about art is because I don’t have any pressure associated with making money out of it. I think that certain hobbies are meant to only be hobbies. Is this true for all hobbies? I don’t know.

Now back to work…

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that you can’t be passionate about your main “job”. I think you should. Nevertheless, I do believe that some hobbies or passions can be ruined if you try to make them a full-time endeavor. At least this is my current theory.