The Other Half of the Internet

Note to future self…

Before the internet exploded and became what we know of today (www, google, apps, connected devices, etc.) a lot of computers were connected to each other through private networks or intranets (a relatively modern term). Although the internet evolved tremendously over the last 30+ years, intranets haven’t really moved beyond this paradigm of one-size-fits-all tool that does a lot of different things but none of them super well.

The problem with this is that people are less inclined to adopt these tools because it’s not what they’re used to. They live their lives in Gmail, google docs, spreadsheets, etc. They don’t need to figure out another completely different tool. I will write a follow-up post tomorrow on what I think could be a potential solution to this problem.

The opportunity

We’re both incredibly excited to start working on this opportunity because we think that building this other half of the internet is insanely ambitious but also incredibly cool. Furthermore, we think that there’s an incredible opportunity to build a category-defining product and the timing also feels very very right. Now it’s time to build(:

Now back to work…