The Mundanity of Excellence

Note to my future self…

Truly excellent performance can only be achieved through the aggregation of small and mundane behaviors repeated systematically over time. In plain english excellence is not magic. It’s hard work repeated over time.

Soon I will be writing a couple of posts going more in depth with this topic. My hope is to touch different facets of this principle including including why we are so predisposed to like people that have a “natural” ability for something and how does adversity create scarcity, which in turns create value.

But for now I just want to write this down somewhere. Excellence is mundane. The wonderful thing is to do this mundane work in spite of it’s how monotonous it might be. I will go even a step further to remind myself that mundane work is, for the most part, in the of the beholder. Therefore, the key might be to understand what sort of work seems really easy to you but mundane and cumbersome to most people. This arbitraging of mundanity is severely underrated and it’s an area in which I am constantly trying to get better.

Now back to work..

Daniel Chambliss conducted a famous study on the Mundanity of Excellence in swimming and I’ve seen been circulated in the Twitter-sphere so I think it’s worth it to added for reference.