The Luxury of Worry

Note to future self…

I’ve realized that I perform better whenever I am under the right amount of pressure. I think that stress induced by lack of time or financial resources helps me focus and isolate any variables that don’t help me achieve my goal.

Nevertheless, lately I’ve realized that not having that financial or time pressure makes me worry about stuff that I previously couldn’t worry about. To be specific having some time and financial resources made me start worrying about how will l make our company grow to become this huge enterprise, could the market be big enough, etc. I couldn’t worry about those things before because I had other higher level priorities. If we didn’t make some money we were going to die. Period. Nothing else mattered.

I can see how being able to worry about big-picture things can be both a blessing and a curse. I think that right now it’s being incredibly distracting because I am worrying about a lot of things that I would otherwise never worry about.


My current approach is to take into considerations all these macro-issues and then filter through all of these and pay attention to the 1-2 things that matter the most and place everything else in the back burner.


Maybe I need to learn how to live without so much pressure on. Maybe I need to figure out how to perform at the highest level without always being under a ton of pressure. I need to focus on making my growth sustainable. Will keep you posted on how things go.

Now back to work…