The League

Note to my future self…

I believe that we need peers to look up to. People that we feel are around our same level and a little bit higher. These people should push us to do better things and challenge ourselves.

The way I envision this is like a league. There are 15-20 people (maybe less maybe more) that you really admire and you rank somewhere towards the bottom of that league and that’s ok. Everyone that’s above you are people that you look up to. You’re all playing the same game so if you stay where you’re it’s on you. There are no excuses.

You probably don’t know most of the people in this list yet but that’s not the point. As long as you can see how they operate and use it to improve your own game that’s all that matters.

Some people might refer to this as finding your tribe and there might some value in seeing it that way. However, I want to clarify that I don’t see this as a group of friends. You might become friends because you operate in the same space but at the end of the day this is about leveling up your game.

Just a thought.

Now back to work…