The Cost of Distractions

Note to future self…

The cost of distractions is not only a delay in the completion of the goal that you want to accomplish. Distractions rob us from discovering what’s after our current goal. This latter statement isn’t particularly obvious.

A lot of times we know exactly what we’re supposed to do to reach our goal but we delay taking action because we know what the outcome will be. This is a tremendous error. What we fail to realize is that once we accomplish this milestone that’s insight another will pop-up. Moving through this never-ending set of milestones is quite literally the purpose of life (framed this way).


Distractions are incredibly costly because they delay us and increase the time that it takes for us to go from one goal to the next. The main takeaway for us is that we should pinpoint the things that are distracting us and shed a light on that! Whether it’s social, events or something else it’s crucial to understand what’s creating friction and taking our sight away from the prize.

That’s it. Now back to work…