The Compass and the Map

Note to future self..

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what should I do with this life that I’ve been given. I want to be productive and useful to society. For now I’ve settled on the fact that I want to dedicate my life to becoming the best version of myself. Similarly I want my mission to be to build tools to allow others to become the best version of themselves. Although that’s a broad statement, I think that it gives me the flexibility necessary to contribute to society in different ways.

This idea of building tools to help other people become the best version of themselves made me think about what are the most essential tools that we need as humans. For some reason I started to think about this metaphor of life as a jungle. A jungle which you are either trying to get through or which you’re simply exploring and admiring (depending on what you believe). In any case, to navigate this jungle we call life you only need two things: a compass and a map.

You need a compass to situate you and point you in the direction where you want to go and you need a map to help you get there. Both of these complement each other and usually neither of them are sufficient on their own.

This got me thinking about how can I build better a better compass and a better map for myself and others.

Although I really like this metaphor, I am also aware that it isn’t perfect and I don’t want my notion of maps and compasses to limit the tools and solutions that I work on. Nevertheless, I think that it