Technology + Ideas

Note to future self…

I care a lot about the impact of my work. I know that everything will be forgotten but I still care a lot about having an impact (where impact is a positive contribution to someone else’s life).

When I think about how I can maximize my impact for good I think that there are two items at the top of that list: technology and ideas. If you think about it technology is really one or several ideas applied in the real world to perform a certain function.

When I look back at what the most impactful people in history did (in my opinion) they all pushed forward one of two things: a technology or an idea. In a lot of cases (e.g. Darwin) they did both.

I am not saying I will be one of these folks but I do believe that it’s a noble cause to strive for.

These posts are an effort to spread ideas that I think are valuable. The technology that I help build is an effort to give people the tools they need to live a better life.

These two elements are two sides of the same coin. This idea is core to my life philosophy and my core values. It informs what I work on, how I think and the people that I decide to spend time with.

It’s good to remember your north star.

Now back to work…