Supplements for your Brain

Note to future self…

I recently wrote about “bar raisers” and how I feel that I could improve my environment to help me push harder. Books are one way in which you can supplement your brain with some extra nutrients when your current environment doesn’t provide a balanced diet(:

Here’s a great quote I found on this subject:

“Books, in some ways, can act like a thumb on the scale of your average social environment. They may not be the same as flesh and blood people motivating you to act, but they subtly adjust your expectations for yourself.”


Thinking of books this way made me think

What other psychological supplements can I take to enhance my life?

These are not shortcuts to help me improve quickly. Instead, I am referring to resources that will help me get something that I need that I am currently lacking. I guess that the first step in this process is to understand what I am lacking? Right now I am lacking “bar raisers” in my life. I will start to fulfill that need first and see how it goes.

Now back to work…