Star Wars is a great story

Note to future self…

The Context

Yesterday I had the chance of watching a Star Wars movie for the first time (The Rise of Skywalker). Although I missed most of the context around the characters’ backstory and the plot-line, it was quite evident to me why this movie franchise is such a cultural icon.

The Observation

Star Wars has it all! It has intense drama, love, comedy, and suspense all bundled up in one cinematically stunning film. Star Wars seems to have strong archetypal heroes that resonate with so many of us. The movie doesn’t even attempt to shy away from this and perhaps it’s this “in-your-face” hero’s journey that makes it so appealing to people from all ages.

The Takeaway

I am not sure that there’s any key takeaway from watching this movie other than the enjoyment of watching a great story with wonderful ending. Star Wars is a cultural treasure and I am glad I finally got to enjoy a piece of it(:

That’s it. Now back to work…