Should we cut out negativity?

Note to future self…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about whether we should intentionally cut negativity out of our lives? I see strong arguments in favor and against of doing this. Here are some of the main points in both cases:


  1. Negativity is a bad input for your brain and it will hinder the way you see the world
  2. Negativity doesn’t add any value to your life. It’s literally a net negative.


  1. Avoiding negativity keeps you in a bubble and makes you loose touch with reality
  2. Avoiding negativity can make you fragile because you will get hurt once you face reality

Now as with a lot of things I feel that the truth lies somewhere in middle. A lot more nuance is necessary. Although explaining my thought process will take awhile here are my main thoughts on this topic right now:

  1. Avoid negative people. Period. This is non-negotiable.
  2. Avoid negativity but seek constructive criticism.
  3. There’s no value in seeking opposing viewpoints (probably perceived negatively by you) for the sake of being “balanced”.

I will keep thinking more about this but for now I am leaning on the side of avoiding negativity.

Life’s too short.

Now back to work…