Scared of your own ambition

Note to future self…

Today I heard someone say “If you build a truly significant company that goes on to be worth +$100B, that means that you’ve fundamentally changed the way the world works in some profound way.”

If you look at the companies that fall in this bucket (e.g. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc.), it’s quite evident that they’ve fundamentally changed how hundreds of millions of people live their lives.

Now, that might be scary to some people. Just the thought of building such a massive company and what that means definitely is unfathomable hard to wrap your head around even though you know it’s possible.

Nevertheless, if your intention is to have this level of impact you will inevitably have to go after a big and hairy problem to match your level of ambition.

What can you do about it? How can you deal with this pressure of building something so big?

The best answer that I’ve been able to find hearing different people with huge ambition is this: live with it. Once you get comfortable with the crazy mission that you’re pursuing you better get to work to fucking make it happen.

Now back to work…