Scarcity Mentality

Note to future self…

Today I was talking to my friend Jean about personal relationships and he brought this great point that a lot of people (both men and women) struggle with their relationships because they suffer from a scarcity mindset. His point is that if we realized how many other people exist out there we wouldn’t over index our attention in just one person (for multiple reasons).

When we focus too much in one person we can suffocate them and being on the receiving or emitting end of that is never good no matter what.

Takeaway: how can we develop an abundance mindset?

The key takeaway of this post is to figure out the best way to develop an abundance framework for personal relationships. What does it mean to have an abundance mentality? How do we know if we’re stepping outside it? How can we put in practice today?

Will think about it and update this post soon

Now back to work…