Save Nothing for Later

Note to future self…

Lately I’ve noticed that sometimes I wouldn’t do certain things in order “pace myself”. This is a hard thing to explain without going into specifics but essentially I noticed that I would hold back from going all in on certain things because I feel that doing “X” is too much for the stage I am at right now. A similar feeling would be that I didn’t have to do “X” because I have time until doing “X” is appropriate (whatever that means).

I’ve realized I am making a mistake.

I shouldn’t save things for later. I need to constantly keep punching above my weight. It’s the only way to keep growing.

What I didn’t realize is that if you aim for “X” there will always and I repeat always be a level above → “X+1”. It’s hard to see this level if you think “X” is the ceiling but there’s always something more .

I feel that realizing this has increased my sense of urgency in a bunch of different aspects of my life. I am not more stressed or anxious. I am just more excited to keep leveling up and see what is out there(:

That’s it.

Now back to work…