Safety Nets

Note to future self…

I wonder to what extent do we need safety nets? I am not taking about government safety nets or the kind that parents create for their little kids. I am talking about adults. If you’re an adult to what extent does having a safety net (whoever you choose to define that) prevent you from going all in on what you love?

This might sound a little weird but I have been recently exploring this topic from a couple of different angles and “safety nets” seems like a particularly interesting one. It’s all part of this idea that constraints bread creativity. In this case, the question is whether adversity creates clarity?

Can you perform better and push your self to the limit if you know that there’s no plan B? Should you seek those situations? Can those situations have negative repercussions in the long term?

I am not deterministic about this. I don’t think that there’s one right answer to any of these questions but I definitely think it’s worthwhile to think through them?

Right now the way I think about pushing myself to the limit is through the analogy of a pressure valve, where you want to keep the pressure high enough that the engine is humming along. If it’s too loose you don’t go anywhere. If there’s too much pressure shit might explode. It’s all about tweaking your valve to find the right equilibrium.

In any case, I will keep thinking about this and update you if anything comes up.

Now back to work..

Now back to work…