Runnin’ Down a Dream

Today I watched a wonderful lecture by Bill Gurley on how to succeed and find the career you love. I took some notes and thought that they might be worth sharing. I would really recommend everyone to watch the video even if the title feels a little bit cheesy. It’s totally worth it.

  1. Follow Your Passion
  • I actually didn’t take notes on this part. It’s pretty straightforward.

2. Hone Your Craft

  • Be obsessively curious about your field. Consider it your obligation to know everything you can about it.
  • Study the history of the field as well as the field’s pioneers.
  • Strive to know more than anyone else in the field, potentially measured within your sub-group.
  • It’s possible to know more than anyone else.

Greatness isn’t random, it is earned.

3. Develop Mentors in Your Field

  • Document everything you learn from them
  • Send them notes on how you apply their advice
  • Never stop. Always keep pursuing mentorships and develop those relationships.

4. Embrace Peer Relationship in Your Field

  • Develop deep relationships with peers that are on the same journey.
    • Have discussions about and debates about what defines greatness in the field.
  • Always share best practices, don’t worry about proprietary advantage. It’s not a zero-sum game.
  • Celebrate their advancements/accomplishments as if they were your own.
  • Peers don’t have to be in your exact same field.

5. Always be gracious and humble

  • ALWAYS give the majority of the credit to the mentors and peers that helped you along the way.
  • Send letters, gifts and tweets; show appreciation.

Katrina Lake

  • Found the top mentors that would catapult Stitch Fix (e.g. Analytics, Merchandising, Sourcing, etc.), then hired them into the company.

Professional Researcher: when you do research for a living.