Romanticizing Work

Note to future self… don’t over-romanticize your work.

Today I came across a short video from Gary Vaynerchuck on the problem of romanticizing how we make a living. Although I disagree w/ Gary with some things around methods, I think he’s usually 100% right on principles and this time is no different.

Gary’s main argument is that too many of us (young people in their 20s) care too much about how we make a living. So much so that we’re willing (according to him) to forgo some financial upside in order to have a job that’s more “sexy”. Although I think it’s important do a job that you’re proud of, I do agree that I am guilty of over-indexing too much on the pride element of my job.

I think that the idea of romanticizing a job comes from a position of privilege that affords the individual to be more picky about what they do. The problem is that in reality most of do not have as much freedom as we think we do (or maybe we do and I am wrong).

To me the key takeaway from this argument is that I should just check-in with my self and see if I am putting too much weight behind what I am doing instead of focusing on the one thing that truly matters on the long-run: winning.

Now back to work.