ROI of Activities

Note to future self…

At the beginning of this year, I decided to focus on 5 key activities. Today I am running a little experiment where I rank these activities based on my current ROI for each of those activities. These numbers are obviously all made up. The purpose is to double down on the activities where the ROI is higher than one. If I get a lot of value on these activities relative to the cost (time), then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t spend more time on these activities.

Activity ROI

Based on this quick exercise I can already tell that there are some activities that clearly provide me a lot more value so I should keep doubling down on those (e.g. reading). There are some activities where the quality of the output varies a lot so the ROI is harder to evaluate (e.g. meetings). Sometimes I meet someone and it’s life-changing. However, in a lot of cases, I spend a ton of time in events that have very little to no ROI.


Laying out the ROI of the activities that I perform every day has been quite useful. It kinda forces me to take a serious look at how I spend my time and makes me realize that if I am not spending my time in the highest ROI items I am clearly a fool(:

That’s it. I will try to periodically post updates on this table. Let’s see how it goes.

Now back to work…