Regret & Path Dependecy

Note to future self…

When I graduated college last May I promised myself that I will live life in a way where I will have no regrets.

Today I had this interesting “shower thought” where I realized that regret might be a form of cognitive bias.

Regret might be pointless because every time you regret something you discount the fact that the action you took is what shaped you to be who you’re today. In other words, without that action, you might not be who you’re today. If you assume that the present and the fact that you’re alive in it is invaluable, then it’s silly to be disappointed about the journey that got you here.

In other words, when we regret something we discount the fact that our decisions are subject to path dependence. Those decisions later inform the path dependence of future decisions and the chain of events continues.

Regret then is an effort to bend the past and with it the path dependency of our lives. It’s a futile effort.

Drop it. Move on.

Now back to work…