Reflections and Metamind

Note to future self…


For the past 18 months I’ve written a daily reflection like this one. I intend to keep it going. Now during this time I’ve also tried to start a “Metamind” – essentially a notion page with all the ideas that I am exposed to in one place. I’ve struggled to get started with this metamind because I really don’t know where to start.


I think I’ve figured it out. After 18 months of writing I have a large enough corpus of information that I can start filling out the Metamind with the topics of these reflections given that what I write about in these reflections is essentially the things that I would put in my Metamind.


I will try to build out my metamind using the topics I write about in my reflections. The tricky part will be to actually connect these. I think that I will make the metamind pages standalone and then in the reflections I will add the relevant metamind topics.

Now back to work…