Public Libraries are Hidden Gems

Note to my future self..

Today I had probably one of the best days since I moved to San Francisco a couple of months ago. Today I realized that the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library is only a stone’s throw away from where I live! So naturally I headed down there to check it out and it’s amazing!! I totally geeked out going through all 6 floors and I got my library card right there on the spot. 😂
                               *Taken from Google* 

It’s amazing to me that all of this is free for every one! I know that’s how public libraries work but still that’s insane!! This is a beautiful building, with fantastic staffers (at least the ones I met), great place to work, computers, and an impressive collection (based on a quick look at their catalog). All of it is free to anyone. Think about that. Anyone can take up to 50 books at any time. No questions asked. That’s so much freaking knowledge!! Honestly if people are not reading more is because they don’t want not because of a lack of resources.

Anyways as a scale up the volume of reading I do I realized that it’s not only expensive but also inconvenient to try and buy every book that I want to read. Thus, I will start checking stuff out from the library and writing notes on the side as I already do.

That’s it. Until next time(: