Producing vs. Consuming – Reivisited

Note to my future self…

About half a year ago I wrote a post on this idea that we tend to consume way more than we produce. In that posts I suggested ways in which we can produce things that add value to us and others. These suggestions include:

  1. Write → Articles like the one that you’re reading
  2. Build → Program stuff, build a newsletter, a community, whatever!
  3. Share → Share stories, curate things you might find interesting, etc.

Today I am doubling down on this idea and putting my money time where my mouth is. I am starting a project called Houston, which is a weekly newsletter aggregating great problems for makers to solve. My goal is to shift some of my time spent from consuming content to producing content. The purpose of this is to help me develop some core skills and add be able to add more value.

As always there’s a trade-off because I have limited bandwidth. This means that I will be cutting down on the time I spend on Twitter and listening to podcasts. Now don’t get me wrong. These are two things that I truly enjoy but I think that working on a project like Houston is a high leverage activity worth pursuing.

Now back to work…