Prepping your Food

I’ve written about identity based habits before and as I outlined back then I decided to put this idea into practice by starting to cook my own meals. The purpose of cooking my own meals is to redefine myself as someone who eats a healthy diet. The act of cooking, measuring, weighing, and packaging my food has reinforced the idea that I am someone that cares about eating healthy.

This might seem like a weird gimmick where I trick myself to believe something but the thing is that it’s actually working. I’ve catched myself buying more bananas instead of chips whenever I go to the supermarket or logging in my foods more regularly on myfitnesspal.

This interesting little experiment has had some initial success and I will ramp it up in 2019 with more “Identity-Based Habits” around health and other areas of my life.

This is also an important reminder that conducting small experiments in your life can be immensely rewarding even if most of those experiments do not work out because from time to time you will conduct a small experiment like this one that will give provide you with outsized returns (i.e. a homerun).