Play long enough and you might get lucky

Saw this quote in Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things and I just thought that it’s a great reminder that patience is critical when it comes to achieving great results. However, I believe that Ben Horowitz goes a step further and encourages us to be proactive about getting lucky. That’s his whole point. It’s a combination of patience and persistence over the long-term that makes you a winner.

I’ve heard variations of this idea from different people including getting in front of the “lucky bus” as frequently as possible so that it runs you over. The idea is the same. Luck is a combination of time, place, action and awareness. You do need to be at the right time in the right place but you also need to be aware of the opportunity and take action. I feel that when we don’t get lucky one or more of these elements are missing. However, if we get more chances at bat and we’re intentional about it I am confident that anyone can get “lucky.”

I think luck is an interesting concept and I look forward to exploring more in-depth the idea of luck and its role in our lives.