Personal Areas of High ROI

Note to future self…

The Context

I am a big admirer of this idea that Pareto’s Principle (80/20 rule) is something that can be extrapolated to other parts of your life.

The Observation: What areas are the Pareto Principle

What are the areas of my personal that I can invest in that will yield the highest ROI?

  1. Grooming: specifically haircut, colognes and clothing.
  2. Fitness: specifically getting lean and building muscle mass
  3. Skills: specifically dancing, talking to strangers, playing an instrument, etc.

The Takeaway

I believe that this is an ongoing exercise but I think I’ve already taken some steps in the right direction. For example, I have created ‣ and ‣ pages to keep track of how I can continuously improve myself.

Now back to work…