Great things take time. I am just writing this essay to remind myself that anything worth doing takes time. Not days, not weeks, not months, not even years. Excellence can take +10 years to achieve and once you do the trick is to sustain it.

I think that we as a society tend to focus a lot on “making it” but not so much on staying at the top once we make it. I think that true excellence is being successful over an extended period of time. If you’re successful once you might have gotten lucky but if you’re able to sustain your success, then you’ve achieved something quite remarkable.

There’s nothing new in anything that I’ve said so far but I think that’s important for me to write because we live in a world that rewards instant gratification and we are constantly reminded of that.

It’s hard to be patient but it’s harder to not work on something meaningful due to our lack of patience.

In any case, I promise myself that I will work on problems where I fill I can make the most significant contribution. Even if it means that it will take me 50 years to get there.