Note to future self…

Following your passion is dangerous. Some people are also skeptical about the adage of “following your passion” but they don’t specify why. I think following your passion is dangerous because passion is lagging and not a leading indicator of success. What I mean by that is that passion is a quality you develop for a person, thing or activity once you have a positive experience with it. If you think about it, people that are passionate about playing sports, painting or programming are passionate because they deeply enjoy those activities. They were not passionate about those things and later decided to pursue them, which leads me to my next point.

In my opinion it’s better to follow your curiosity, which will lead you to act, which will lead you to succeed and only then will you find your passion.

Curiosity → Action → Success → Passion

Thinking about passion in this way had a profound impact in the way I think about it. For on, it means that we can be passionate about anything that we’re successful at. This seems to be true for me giving the broad set of activities we humans can be passionate about.

Why this model?

I like this way of modeling passion because it takes into account a couple of factors:

  1. It accounts for multiple passions. Again if you follow our curiosity and that eventually leads you to succeed in a couple of things you can genuinely say that you’re passionate about those things and you can point back as to why that’s the case. Usually people believe that they should have just one passion and they get frustrated if they think they have more than one.
  2. It doesn’t assume every individual should know their passion. Under this way modeling of passion it’s ok if you don’t know what’s your passion. That means that you have to explore more and do more and eventually you will find your passion.


The only takeaway from this post is that passion can be modeled as a funnel. The direct implication of this is that you’re more likely to find your passion if you put more “things” through the funnel. I think there’s nothing new in what I am saying. Just giving some structure to something that we’re already thinking about a lot ¯\(ツ)

Now back to work…