Output matters more than busy.

As the title of this essay says “Output matters more than busy.” It doesn’t matter how “productive” you’re. I have realized that unless you’re making material progress towards your goals, the tasks that you cross-off your list have little value add. I think that moving forward I have to reconsider all of the daily habits that I am trying to build (including writing these essays) in order to examine if it makes sense to continue executing against them. More importantly I have to examine how I spend my time in order to understand whether I am allocating my time accordingly. As a quick thought experiment here are the things I spend time on and how I think that they can directly contribute to accomplishing my goals:

  1. Exercise → Maintain my physical health. Helps with emotion regulation, energy levels, and much more.
  2. Reading → Core brain stimulation method. Helps my brain connect the dots.
  3. Writing → Core brain collection mechanism. Helps my brain consolidate knowledge.
  4. Learning → Absorb new information. Helps expand my current knowledge base.
  5. 🆕 Brainstorming → Generate new ideas. Helps me think big.

Other things that I spend a significant amount of time on:

  1. Email
  2. News Reading
  3. Entertainment (Netflix)
  4. Friends
  5. Sleeping

I am a human so I will likely keep doing all of the things above. Perhaps some in smaller dosis (Netflix and maybe news relax) but in all likelihood these things will be embedded in my core workflows. ****