Opportunity is a Time-Bound Choice

Note to future self…

So yesterday I was talking with someone who made this comment about how advertisers use scarcity to make us purchase things. She argued that advertisers offer us an opportunity to buy something but we need a decision in the moment (artificial scarcity). This is why we see ads saying “sale ending soon” or “available only this day”. So far so good. Nothing new here.

But then she then paused and said:

“Opportunity is then a time-bounded choice”.

In the moment I didn’t much of it but yesterday in bed I kept repeating this phrase in my head. This morning I woke up and I think I get why my brain seemed to cling to this idea.

See I am fascinated by this idea of engineering serendipity in my life, which I think will in turn bring a lot of opportunities. Put another way I think that the only way of getting lucky is by generating a bunch of “opportunities” for yourself until you get “lucky”.

Now thinking about opportunity as time-bound choice made me wonder if there’s a way in which I can engineer situations like this in my life.

Could there be a way in which I force myself to make time-bound decision that result in great opportunities that I would otherwise not capitalize on because I wouldn’t have a sense of urgency to act?

This might sound overly complicated but I hope it makes sense. I am not sure what these sort of “forced decisions” will be or whether it’s even good to force things like this. I think that it’s an interesting thought experiment and I come with some tests to run on this idea I will update you.

Now back to work…