On Partying

Note to future self…

Today a really good friend and I were talking about this question:

Is there an inversely proportional relationship between partying and being successful?

Obviously ones definition of success varies but in this case we’re referring to success in your either school or your career. Intuitively we both used to think that those that stay in and work hard will outperform those that party. We also had a strong self-serving bias because both of us would want this to be true since we both tend to prefer to stay home and work.

Nevertheless, we’ve realized that a lot of our most successful friends go out a lot. This is not a question of prioritizing your work so that you can balance both things. Our discussion revolved around figuring out whether those that stayed home could develop a systemic advantage over time? In other words, is it possible for effort to compound over time to the degree where it will make a significant difference?

Typically, I would have said yes. However, I think that there’s some observation bias here on my part and after having thought about it I’ve realized that as long as you can prioritize your energy than you should be able to balance both things.


Therefore, everything comes down to your bandwidth. How much bandwidth do you want to give to partying? How much of it do you think is necessary for you? Is there decreasing marginal return to going out (say 1 night per month is enough versus 1 one per week). Developing this personal self-awareness, as always, feels key.

Now back to work…