On Aiming High

Sometimes I forget the importance of aiming high. Sometimes I feel that my brain is “wired” to take ideas and “normalize” them. In other words, any big dreams or ideas that my brain has it tries to adapt and mold them until they seem feasible given my current circumstances. In other words, my brain compromises and bargains against itself over and over by offering me a more “realistic” version of my dream until it what is left is a version of my dream that is only marginally better than my current reality.

I don’t think that this is neither a bug nor a feature. It’s just the way my brain is able to cope with the very hard task of essentially making a dream a reality. Ideally if I could make my reality a little bit better every day, then this will compound over time until I can accomplish my dreams. That’s not what this essay is about. What I am trying to say is that the starting point needs to be high enough that even if your brain “compromises” you end up way higher than you normally would. We all need to aim higher.

This is not meant to be some motivational pep-talk. This is just me trying to tell myself to aim higher. Re-caliber every time your lower your aim and re-caliber often. That’s it.