Offload the Process

Note to future self…

Lately, I’ve found myself in a stressful situation where there’s a ton of expectation to deliver a ton of value in a very short period of time. This high level of expectation has made it really difficult to execute because I am constantly questioning whether we’re doing enough.

I’ve realized that during moments like this it’s better to actually externalize or “offload” your thought process once you have enough conviction about what you’re doing. In other words, decide and commit. This is obviously easier said than done but I believe it’s crucial in order to figure things out when everything feels so high stakes.

How to offload the process?

  1. Define actionable items that can be done to accomplish a goal. If these can be broken down into small-mechanical tasks that’s even better.
  2. Commit to a process. It might be ideate, test, adapt or something else. I feel that what’s important in this case is to have a mental framework to rely on so that you don’t have to constantly do the guesswork of what to do next.
  3. Don’t Panic. Understand that steps #1 and #2 will take time (to show results not to implement). It’s ok. Focus.

That’s it. It’s all in the implementation now.

Now back to work…